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Tré simply translates to wood in Old Norse. For millennia, wood has been recognized as an remarkable building material—naturally beautiful, warm, non-toxic, and sustainable.


Our primary goal at Tré is to create beautiful, functional woodworks. Our ever-evolving collection encompasses everything from beds to spoons, each commanding the same care and attention. We want our customers to cherish their pieces—objects that can be passed on from generation to generation.


Also central to our mission is the ability to provide training and meaningful employment to talented refugees. These individuals have so much unrecognized potential and skill to share with the world. We are proud to play a part in their journey—and to grow from our relationship with them. 




Ross has been woodworking for approximately eight years. Largely self-taught, he owes a huge debt of gratitude to his brother, Andy—an accomplished woodworker who has answered innumerable questions along the way. Having loved the craft and art of woodworking as a hobby, Ross is thrilled to develop Tré as an outlet to share his pieces.

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